CREA-orchestra: Stalin’s defeat in the Dominicuskerk

CREA-orchestra: Stalin’s defeat in the Dominicuskerk

For those who don’t know, the Dominicuskerk is a beautiful church in Amsterdam. It was also the venue for the CREA-orchestra concert on the 26th of March. With the church filled up entirely with people, the orchestra was eager to play their three pieces last Saturday.

The sound of human voices muffles together as people find their seats in the stunning church. In the background, instruments are tuned, until the entire orchestra plays a single note to shut everyone up. Victor Zumpolle, the orchestra’s chair, briefly reflects on the past year and its complexities. These are difficulties the orchestra still has to deal with, as two last-minute Trumpet substitutes had to be arranged the week before the concert. What is about to follow, becomes all the more impressive.

A short and relatively light piece called the ‘Fugal Overture’ by Gustav Holst kicks the concert off. Conductor Bas Pollard leads the way passionately. Double bass player Lieke Jongbloed shares afterwards how Pollard “really moves with the music, sometimes he is even dancing a little”, which shows how the music flows through his entire body.

Pollard’s passion is more than necessary in the next pieces. After Holst, Antonín Dvořák’s composition called ‘The Water Goblin’ follows. The orchestra shares the tragic story of a girl and her encounter with a water goblin. Dvořák has created a gruesome story filled with blood, death and tragedy, which are all conveyed in the tones of the music as dark and heavy sounds blow over the audience.

But it is the last piece around which the concert truly revolves, namely the 10th symphony by Dmitri Sjostakovitsj. In Sjostakovitsj’s composition, the defeat of Stalin is conveyed. “With Sjostakovitsj you really feel the regime, the political difficulties and the victory in the end”, cello player Astrid Mörk shares. The greatness of the piece parallels the beautiful church, which creates a special atmosphere and leaves the audience in awe. “It sounded epic”, conservatory student and horn player Tobias van der Wardt says with a smile on his face after the concert has ended. I can only agree.

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