Peter-Paul Verbeek is the new Rector Magnificus of the UvA

Peter-Paul Verbeek is the new Rector Magnificus of the UvA

Yesterday the UvA announced that professor Peter-Paul Verbeek will replace Karen Maex as the Rector Magnificus of the UvA. Dr. Verbeek specialises in Technological Philosophy and will start in October 2022.

Professor Dr. Peter-Paul Verbeek (1970) makes an interesting change of scenery with the move to Amsterdam. He is originally from a city in the Southern part of The Netherlands: Middelburg. For his studies, Philosophy of Science and Technology & Society, he went to the Technical University of Twente. After which he continued to work at the University of Twente as a professor in Philosophy of Technology.

Now, after many years, Verbeek trades in the quiet rural surroundings of Twente with the always busy Amsterdam. In an interview with De Stentor (a local newspaper in Twente), he emphasised his enthusiasm for this new challenge: ‘The UvA is the Vanguard of Science. It’s an honour to co-lead that organisation.’

Dr. Verbeek has always mentioned the importance of changing the way society looks at science. In earlier interviews, he stressed that it’s the responsibility of science to involve society in the creation of scientific knowledge, instead of placing science outside or above society. He is also focused on the ways technology can change our environment.

In the Stentor interview, Dr. Verbeek shortly talks about his goals as Rector Magnificus of the UvA. ‘With quite some pleasure, I see young students and scientists taking responsibility and leadership roles in the fight for a more just and sustainable world. They can desire that their University will fight alongside them in this battle. That’s my main effort for the next four years.’

Dr. Verbeek will replace Dr. Karen Maex, who earlier this year was criticised for her unusually high transport costs. Dr. Maex leaves the UvA after nine years in office.

Photo Credit: Fokke Eenhoorn