The Return of CREA Café

The Return of CREA Café

Up for live music, dance or spoken word? This weekend is the ‘Made in CREA Weekend’ and with it the return of the CREA café. We spoke to the café manager Niek Pelsser who told us all about the café’s ‘comeback’.

We have been teased with breaks in restrictions that allowed us to enjoy live music and parties again across the city. CREA café seems to have lagged behind a little in bringing back the live entertainment that we love and we have missed. Pelsser is well aware of the call for a return to live shows in both the infamous café and the music hall next door.

Of course, the café has been doing its best to get back on track, but as Pelsser told us, it’s been a tumultuous time in terms of what has been possible and when. With restrictions in place, he explained that “things are questionable right now” and that throughout the pandemic its “been harder to connect” with students and the rest of CREA. Despite this, Pellser seemed to be using the time positively, saying that the time has been useful for them to reassess what the program is going to look like. Although he kept this vague, he was also keen to reassure that the current CREA model is effective and no sweeping changes are underway. So hopefully this means new and exciting additions to the agenda, whenever we are allowed to get back in the full swing of things.

Despite new restrictions on horeca, which means that the café closes at 20:00 for the next few weeks, we are lucky to see the doors of the music hall still open. This weekend (18th-21st November) is the ‘Made in CREA Weekend’, a time when those who took part in a course last block, are able to showcase what they have learnt and made. For the café, this means that the music hall is open for spoken word, jazz music, vocal band, improv and more! Tickets for all events are only 3 euro so get down and support your fellow students!

It is clear that things are still, understandably, a little up in the air for live music and the café. Although, rest assured Pelsser says, the café is working hard to give us what we want, and it will be back better than ever. So, for now, we need to make the most of live performances when and whilst we can.