The sound of CREA

The sound of CREA

Ready for some tunes? CREA sure was! After our dear friend COVID-19 once again ruined the last band evening, on the 17th of June it was finally possible for all bands stemming out of the CREA ‘pop course’ to perform… and perform they did!

CREA offers a so-called ‘pop course’ twice a year, where anyone can join. At the start of the course, people are placed together to form a band. While chemistry is of course important, singer Robin van der Reep shares that oftentimes bands are formed on the basis of availability. A slightly less romantic image than musicians finding each other and just ‘clicking’, but luckily the pragmatic approach did not hinder the quality in the slightest.

The evening consisted of covers mainly, which made it easy for the audience to join in. When the band Today closed their set with ABBA, the whole room sang along. But the bands included some of their own creations as well. For example, the first group of the evening, Just Call, wrote an entire rap verse in one of their covers and they performed flawlessly.

When speaking to some of the musicians, the enthusiasm was clearly present. Psychology student Caty van Douwe explains that she definitely sees a future with her band and would love to write and perform their own songs as well next year when they plan to sign up for the same course again. A sentiment that is widely shared: ‘it is just a great way to meet people that want to make music together’, Anouk Lamé shares.

Overall, seeing smiling faces play songs that everyone can dance to, is, by all means, a great way to spend your Friday evening! So make sure to look out for the next one!