Today’s Artists: ‘I love my Matisse Boys’

Today’s Artists: ‘I love my Matisse Boys’

Rose Bedel describes her drawings as fantastical, simplistic and a little childish. If you look close enough (without becoming creepy) you might spot them throughout Amsterdam, because her work can be found on numerous people’s skin! The 21-year-old psychology student has made a business of tattooing people and does so with joy!  

March 2020, that is when Rose’s journey with tattoos started: the coronavirus. She ordered some needles and ink and tattooed a little coronavirus on her leg: ‘It didn’t work, it was a catastrophe’, Rose says while laughing.

After much more practice, she slowly started tattooing more and more people. ‘When you tattoo people, there is this unsaid thing that they want to give something in exchange.’ Her best friend, also a tattoo artist, helped her to navigate the field and gave her the advice to set prices for her work, which allowed Rose to slowly role into her business.

While Rose does see it as a job, that never diminishes her joy for the craft: ‘first and foremost it’s a hobby and I enjoy doing it (…) it is a huge privilege to be allowed to tattoo people and let people trust you with their bodies.’ While a big responsibility Rose describes how tattooing creates ‘special moments’ with people.


As for inspiration, the psychology student looks a lot at art. ‘I’m a huge fan of Egon Schiele, so think people might recognise that a little bit sometimes in my sketches.’ She smiles when we ask her about her own favourite sketch: ‘I love my Matisse Boys’, which shows the wide range of art that inspires her.

If the Matisse boys will ever be her main source of income remains undecided: ‘ I’m still studying and I still want to become a therapist as well. Who knows? I might be able to combine both.’ So let’s lookout for some tattoo therapy!

Interested in Rose’s work? You can find her on Instagram