YOUVOTE 2022: An historic win for De Vrije Student

YOUVOTE 2022: An historic win for De Vrije Student

This year, De Vrije Student is the largest party in the Central Student Council (CSR), claiming three seats; a historic win for them.

Merely 11% of UvA students voted for the CSR election. This is low, especially given that in 2021 the percentage was 11,2% and in 2020 11,9%, which were both corona-years where students were studying remotely and campaigning was impaired. Seemingly, the return to campus did not bring about any change. Ten years ago, in 2012, the voter turnout was 21,48%. So, the 2022 election follows a downward trend, bringing the voter turnout for the CSR to a historic low.

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For De Vrije Student history was also written. DVS is for the first time in its existence the biggest party in the CSR. Out of seven seats, they have won three. 020, INTER, De Activistenpartij and newcomer the NewDemocrats all won one seat. A factor in DVS’ triumph is most likely that UvA Sociaal was not allowed to run this year, as they were the biggest party last three years.

The CSR consist of fourteen seats. The other seven will be filled by delegates of the faculties. It is to be determined who this will be.