YOUVOTE 2022: A low voting turnout at the Faculty Elections

YOUVOTE 2022: A low voting turnout at the Faculty Elections

Student Elections are over. How many people voted, and what happened at the Faculty elections? Spoiler Alert: The majority of the turnouts were below 20% of the eligible voters. Here you can find an overview of the elections.

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Economy & Business

In the Faculty of Econ & Business, List Sefa dominated holding 5 seats. New DemocratsFEB followed with 2 seats, while 020 and SLAAFS possessed 1 seat each. 12.2% of students showed up to vote.


In Humanities, 4 seats to De Vrije Student and ActivistenPartij UvA were shared. Following the two parties, Lijst TOF won 3 seats and 020 managed to elect 1 person who held 1 seat. The voter turnout was 9.4%

Social Science

The Faculty Council comprises 4 seats from which the ActivistenPartij UvA holds two and the other two were shared by the De Vrije Student and 020, one to each. 16.3% of eligible voters cast their ballot.

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De Vrije Student managed to get enough votes to possess 3 seats in the Faculty Council, being the only party in Psychology, for the remaining one seat to be unoccupied. 7.8% of students eligible to vote turned out to cast their ballot.

Communication Science

2 seats were divided in the Faculty Council. The parties, having been assigned a seat, are INTER and De Vrije Student, which held 1 seat each. The voter turnout was 6.6%.


The biggest party in the Faculty Council of Science is LIEF with 7 seats. The other two parties complement the Council with Slaafs and De Vrije Student, holding 3 and 2 seats respectively. 13.3% voted in the Faculty of Science.

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Members of two parties form the new Faculty Council of Law: OpRecht held 3 seats and De Vrije Student 5 seats. The voter turnout was 18.3%. 


PPLE has only one answer when it comes to student elections. INTER was the prevalent party in the faculty elections. All 4 seats are won by INTER members. These members were elected by a voter turnout of 47.1%. (The highest rate at the UvA!)


At the Dentistry Faculty, there is only one party to choose from: ACTA. Students cast their ballots and elected 8 members of Kies ACTA to represent them. Only 15.2% of students voted, a steep decline in comparison to 2020.